Contract Negotiations with CAE USA – Accepted!



Local Lodge 794
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                                                                                                            August 27, 2020


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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As you all may be aware, negotiations with CAE USA Mission Solutions Inc. have been concluded with the signing of your new Combined Bargaining Agreement. Your negotiating team met with the company’s team Tuesday through Thursday, July 28-31, 2020. The company presented their Best And Final Offer (BAFO) late Thursday evening and left the table after hearing how disappointed your representatives were at their offer.

The BAFO was not recommended for ratification and the result of the ratification vote on August 5, 2020 was a rejection of the offer. The strike vote that followed was a vote to go on strike. The company was notified of the results Thursday morning August 6, 2020 as was the IAMAW International President and General Vice-President of the Western Territories. Also informed of the labor dispute was the Air Force Labor Advisor and the Kirtland AFB commander of whom we requested gate assignment for picketing.

CAE reached out and indicated that they were willing to continue negotiating in spite of having put an expiration date on their offer. With the assurance that the company would not accuse the Union of regressive bargaining, the parties did go back to the table and were able to come to an agreement that is beneficial across all job classifications.

Through tough negotiations we were able to get better wage increases over the original Best And Final Offer not only for the Contract Instructors (+$1.65/hr. over the life of the contract) but for all. The contract removes the inequity of “red circle” employees and brings all TSA employees to the same pay rate. The custodial staff, who must be able obtain and maintain a security clearance, now will make what the state has deemed minimum wage.

There are important issues that negotiations did not resolve. Schedule stability and Pandemic protections were areas that contributed to the negotiating team’s recommendation to reject the original BAFO. However, the company has agreed to sit down with union representatives and work out a viable solution to Instructor scheduling challenges. Also, the Union is pursuing pandemic relief through the grievance process to try and resolve the lack of PPE, cleaning/sanitizing products and to enact policies that define responsibilities during conditions in which we are currently experiencing.

Finally, I want to let you know that our victory was won because of your support. We achieved a good contract that benefits you and your family.  That is what we fought for. To give you a better quality of life and offer the protections that you so richly deserve. You all are the best at what you do. The company might lose sight of this from time to time, but you have the strength, character, and determination that will always remind them that we are the Fighting Machinists of Local Lodge #794!


In Solidarity,

Sean K. Burkland

President/Directing Business Representative
IAMAW TRUAX Lodge No. 794
Office: 505.242.9622
Cell: 505.604.8217
Fax: 505.243.7473


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